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‧ IIID Awards (The International Institute for Information Design Award, Vienna) Gold
インターナショナル・インフォメーション・デザインアワード (ウィーン)公共交通部門: 金賞

‧ SDA Award, Japan Sign Design Association Awards Encouraging Prize
第49回 サインデザイン賞 奨励賞


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Offline Navi Guide for City Trips

A smart city map was the challenge

The challenge was to create an easily understandable city map for large cities, allowing you to quickly and easily see where and how you can manage to get from one place to another independently. This is especially true for first-time visitors in a city whose language or culture they are not familiar with. Our maps can show you the way.

City Rail Map Shinjuku Tokyo Illustation

A route map for the city was the solution

The solution was a simple map showing major public transport routes, using small landmark icons as fixed points. Parks, rivers or mountains are shown as pattern areas that naturally limit urban space. Of particular focus were the important places such as transportation hubs or airports are often the entry and exit points on trips. You can also use placement markers to set your home or travel destination. It’s a handy mobile app, enabling you to see the most direct route, possible transfers as well as travel time. Simply search for stations or locations, even moments you may be offline, such as when you are in the subway or have no network while abroad. This is available in all major languages ​​and mobile devices.

City Rail Map Bag

City Rail Map app is loved by millions of users all over the world

The effect was the City Rail Map app is loved by millions of users all over the world. Because the app is easy to use, it offers stress-free travel. In addition, there is an individual travel planner that you can share with friends and family. Each map has its very own layout where major geographical elements are shown to provide helpful information about various means of transport. We have plans and ideas for taking the app to the next level. We are now looking for partners who can help us make this possible so that one day we provide City Rail Map of every urban location in the world.

City Rail Map Syntax Diagram
City Rail Map Syntax Diagram

The City Rail Map includes all major cities and metropolises around the world – Find yourself, even offline!

Urban-Map World Map of the City Rail Maps

Adelaide · Amsterdam · Athens · Baltimore · Bangkok · Barcelona · Beijing · Berlin · Bonn · Boston · Brisbane · Brussels · Budapest · Chicago · Cologne · Copenhagen · Dubai · Dublin · Florence · Frankfurt · Freiburg · Fukuoka · Hamburg · Hiroshima · Hong Kong · Istanbul · Kobe · Kuala Lumpur · Kyoto · Lisbon · London · Los Angeles · Madrid · Manila · Melbourne · Mexico City · Milan · Moscow · Munich · Nagoya · New York · Osaka · Paris · Perth · Potsdam · Prague · Rio de Janeiro · Rome · San Francisco · San Jose · Sapporo · Seattle · Sendai · Seoul · Shanghai · Singapore · Stockholm · Sydney · Taipei · Tokyo · Toronto · Vancouver · Venice · Vienna · Washington · Zurich

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