Ansgar Vollmer

Ansgar Vollmer is an award-winning media designer for information design, experience / interface design and graphic design.

Curriculum Vitae


1990 Apprenticeship as Screen Printer / Signage Technician
1994 Study at University of Wuppertal, Information Engineering
1997 Study and Work as assistant teacher at University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Department of Design
2002 Graduation as Designer at Cologne International School of Design (KISD), Germany
2003 Scholarship for Postgraduate by DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service
2003 Research at IAMAS, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Japan
Iconnote Project
2004 Designer at IIDj, Institute for Information Design, Japan
2005 Founded Vollmer Design
2006 Member of JAGDA, Japan Graphic Designers Association
2009 Teacher of Information Design at Waseda University Tokyo,
Department Media Design
2013 Founded Urban-Map GbR

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Designer Ansgar Vollmer




Waseda University


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