Urban-Map Project

Urban-Map was established by the project of » Vollmer Design and tries to guide people throughout a city with the possibilities to use mobile and interactive maps, providing a simple orientation.


Urban-Map guide people throughout a city with the possibilities to show in schematic map on use mobile and interactive maps, providing a clear orientation. The orientation refers to points of interest in the urban space where people live and the people’s needs to access the space of a city


In this case, these maps give people insight into the special characteristics of a given city. Each city has its own appearance. It is usually determined by geophysical conditions, for example by sea, land or mountains and the places where people meet and move.

For Instance, a city generally has streets and squares. In most cases the streets run centrally or the squares lie in the middle of the city. If you look on a map and you find such places where the most streets converge, this is often where people meet and where you will find the action or life of the city. These places often have cafes and shops and are also the places where people would like to go.


Points such as train stations or transportation lines, including streets, are the foundation to understanding a city and knowing where you are, and where you want to go. This is especially true for popular places such as main stations and airports are significant access points to give visitors helpful orientation. In order to accomplish this, bringing these points together in a specific arrangement and correlated with geophysical conditions, it will show the action is in a given city and gives visitors a schematic model as well as an overview of the city.


Urban-Map’s approach is to show accessibility on maps, where users can orient themselves by comparing these features. Each city map of Urban-Map are separated and enclosed with there own specific data and an easy and understandable cognitive map.

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